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Gender, relationships, feminism, manosphere. Quotes, without endorsing and with quite a bit of mocking, mean arguments by terrible people. Some analogical discussion of fatphobia, poorphobia, Islamophobia. He came from a really crappy family with a lot of problems, but he was trying really hard to make good. He was working two full-time minimum wage jobs, living off cheap noodles so he could save some money in the bank, trying to scrape a little bit of cash together. But later that night I was browsing the Internet and I was reminded of what the worse response humanly possible.

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Posted on February 23, by Scott Alexander [Content warning: Discussion of social justice, discussion of violence, spoilers for Jacqueline Carey books. This post was inspired by a debate with a friend of a friend on Facebook who has since become somewhat famous.

The King is Crowned king of the nerds season nerd watching contestants reality competition ending shows. We are queuing up Season 2 for next time we are looking for something to watch together. Read more. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. Mike M. out of 5 stars Good Idea, bad Execution. February 16,

COCA is a little longer, from to , and has more variety. The unmarked results are all Google Books. Damn, that thing has a lot of info. Not perfect sequential order, but the general flow. Like I mentioned last time, this is me doing amateur lexicography dictionary-making. Which is what lexicographers do, except with even more examples, better understanding of how to craft definitions, and professional experience and resources. And if you got a better organization?

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Henry Adollah My future goals include being financially stable enough to get Spotify Premium and to wear sunglasses at night because my future is so bright. I run, a lot Last weekend I had to the opportunity to work as a brand ambassador for a company at Comic-Con in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (), a TV-movie A typical low-brow Adams College campus 80s comedy had a predictable plot of competition between the underdog brainy computer-science nerds against the brawny jocks fraternity (Alpha Betas) and their rich .

Jonatan Stamm Jonatan Stamm is a European who moved to North America as a teenager, returned to Europe after a decade, and left again in Many neomasculine men are aware of the backlashes to the depredations of cultural Marxists on video games i. Gamergate and science fiction i. Yet literary fiction has already been so compromised that the prospects for change are about as good as those of a secular-humanist revolution sweeping through Saudi Arabia. One should not simply balk, understandable though the urge may be, that literary fiction is just flowery, solipsistic indulgence—for that would be dismissing some of our greatest thinkers, from Cervantes to Tolstoy to Beckett, due to our modern emasculated writers and the prattle of the social justice class.

To be clear, making it onto the NY Times bestseller list or getting published by Random House is brutally hard for anyone not writing crime, vampire or chick-lit novels. New York, New York First things first: New York is publishing. If you want to make it in literary publishing, which means signing a deal with a New York agent and publisher, then the only excuse you have for not living there is if you attend a respectable MFA program outside the city.

The recent mushrooming of these programs—where writers workshop their stories and study craft while escaping from the daily grind—has resulted in more perfectly cut gems of sentences, more aesthetic groupthink and conformity, and a literary class system, where an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop opens many doors and an MFA from a lesser program opens none.

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Larsen Halleck Larsen Halleck is a licensed personal trainer, martial artist, musician, writer, and barely a video reviewer and cartoonist. You can follow him on Twitter , on Gab or on his Youtube channel. The human flag is likely an exercise that you have seen in some pop culture creation, but can scarcely believe is an exercise that people actually do.

As it turns out, however, the human flag is, in fact, a real exercise that you can accomplish with enough time and effort. The human flag is a great method of training the entire upper body, from the hips to the arms and shoulders, and everything in between. It also gives some auxiliary work to the lower body and the muscles of the spine.

The first thing that every schoolchild learns about King Alfred is that he burned some loaves. The history books clearly could not come to an agreement on what Alfred actually looked like, but they all agreed that he was a big old loaf-burner.

She had an early alliance with Zack which fell apart quickly and then she had to watch as her team lost challenge after challenge as their team got dismantled. How did you feel when you realized that Katie was joining your team, especially for a challenge that seemed to be right in her wheelhouse? Was there a sense of confidence on team Midas Touch Attack? Nicole Evans — First, I felt terrible that anyone from the Titans would be joining our team… with how the game has been going so far, the team switch was a death sentence for whichever nerd came over.

That feeling of having the advantage, combined with the Titans visibly freaking out…there were the first happy times in Camp MTA since the Science Fair challenge. We gotta say, dodgeball with robots looked fun! Was this the most enjoyable challenge that you had gotten to be a part of? My favorite challenge was surprisingly Zombie Nerdplunk. I had been going through a bit of despair by Episode 4, and it was getting harder to shake myself out of that feeling. But the moment I walked up to the Nerd-Off, I just let go of my fears, anxiety, rage, etc.

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Authoritative leadership is closer to the fact of the matter. From my own experience as a super-beta manboob fresh out of college, it was a terrible challenge to climb the ladder in my 2nd career as a merchant mariner. Even as an officer, I had to do as told by my captain or superiors, but less and less as I advanced.

attorneytracey agreed %, the official title “King and Queen “Power Couple” of the ZA” bestowed upon them by the small but vocal fandom who also hope for little royal ZA caramel babies, their words not mine, before the series end.

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Nerd Man of the Month: Abrams I just had five brilliant ideas in the time it took you to sneeze. I had an epiphany the other night and it’s name was J. I realized, while catching up on the last episodes of “Fringe”‘s first season, that so much of the entertainment that has truly brought me geek joy over the last few years has somehow involved Abrams. And I kinda love him for it. Although I never watched “Felicity,” which seems so oddly out of step with the bulk of Abrams’ oeuvre at this point, I was a fan of “Alias” from day one.

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There was a lot of laughter on the set when we finally executed that fucker, I can tell you! In pinballs , videogames, and other similar works, this extends to mocking the player’s lack of skill. Not to be confused with This Loser Is You an audience-identification figure who is so pathetic that the audience doesn’t want to or You Bastard where a work tries to make the audience feel guilty for enjoying it or choosing to consume it. Straw Fan is a subtrope where the audience is personified by a character in the work.

Usually tied up with Self-Deprecation , possibly saying that the creator is a talentless hack who got lucky or is just in it to squeeze money out of the fans , but they’re too dumb to realise it. Compare with Biting-the-Hand Humor , where the show mocks their paymasters, such as the network or publishers, as well as how some of these examples attack the very people who are paying for or watching the product.

May also overlap with Easy-Mode Mockery if a video game makes fun of the player for playing the game on the easiest difficulty setting, or with Achievement Mockery if achievements are awarded for the player screwing up. This is usually just a friendly ribbing; it’s rare for the creator to actually hate the fans and try to drive them away.

However, it is sometimes combined with Artist Disillusionment. This is sometimes a result of a Trolling Creator. If it goes along with a Dear Negative Reader , on the other hand, look out! It pokes fun at each nation and its people. So, if you live in a country represented by a Hetalia character, it has insulted you. Fans don’t seem to mind.


A lot of fantasy etc. Then moved onto to science fiction, mostly through the lens of Warhammer novels – of which I own a hefty amount. Among the best are the Dan Abnett novels, Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies, and Gaunts Ghosts, some awesome Space Marine novels and the later Horus Heresy series about 30 odd books and counting – Aaron Dembski Bowden is a fantastic author I found through warhammer.

But audio books have kind of revolutionised things for me. I’ve picked up physical books to read lately and found that my own imagination is lacking a little when I’m so used to having the voices fully fleshed out for me. Audio books I’ve listened to this year:

Known as Hook & Ladder 8 in Ghostbusters, this was the headquarters of the beloved apparition-squandering masters in the original film. If you look close enough, you might be able to see Slimer in one of the windows.

For all the talk about the latest technologies and the exciting changes that social networks bought to the world The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society Social networking isn’t for everyone, but it’s now such a massive part of all our lives, whether we embrace or reject the notion, that it can no longer be ignored.

But are social networking sites Read More , it may surprise some of our younger readers to know that many of these technologies were around as far back as the s. Using a Computer In the s and s, computers were fringe. People who knew how to use them were considered in par with scientists and academics. Read More filled an entire room, they were noisy, and they took a lot of manual effort to operate.

At least in the early s, when the floppy disk drive entered into the arena, the personal computer became a real possibility for regular geeks around the world to own and play with at home. How Many Have You Seen? Geeks are people too. I am one, you’re probably one, and we’re a growing army that can no longer be ignored. Not even by Hollywood. They were teased relentlessly in school.

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Marty Baltiero on March 21, at 8: Nerd culture is on the rise again thanks to Hollywood churning out action-packed superhero, science fiction, and fantasy movies, what seems to be every other month. Damsels have been rescued, plans have been hatched, and a countless number of heroes have conquered evil-doers.

It is a definite win for not the warrior, the queen, and not even the Kingslayer, but for the lowliest of all: the nerds! (Photo via) Jonita Davis loves, reads, studies, and .

AA Dance music is for nerds. Sure, the party people will try to fool you by posing with bottles of booze as they pout for Instagram. The truth, however, is that dance music is made by gear-obsessed people who pore over John Carpenter scores, idolize Kraftwerk and clamor for a chance to get into the annual music trade show NAMM.

Those nerd themes run deep in the music, too. Dig through the crates and you’ll find tracks bursting with movie samples and songs about computers, robots and bizarre futures. You’ll find the nerd dance jams. The precursor for all modern nerd dance jams is ” Doctorin’ the Tardis ,” a single from The Timelords that topped the U.

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The contestants live together in one house, called “Nerdvana”, competing as teams before moving on to individual challenges. The contestants are initially separated into two teams. In each episode, the contestants compete in a team challenge called the “Nerd War”. The winners of the Nerd War are granted immunity from elimination and typically receive a reward for their victory.

Two players from the losing team are then selected to compete in a head-to-head elimination challenge called the “Nerd-Off”; one player is selected by vote from the losing team, while the other is selected by vote from the winning team. The loser of the Nerd-Off is eliminated from the competition.

BAIT BUS – Straight Bait KING OF THE NERDS Scott Adler Gets Tricked Hahaha 12 min The Baitbus – k Views – Gay porn nerds only Riley is a bi-curious skater boy that finds out.

Grantchester featured a troubling storyline in one of its episodes. There are pockets of people who feel that, in order for the show to have a feminist angle, Michonne should stay the silent warrior. The reason for this distaste and exoticism of black women has its roots in the slave trade. The myth of hypersexuality continued throughout slavery, with white plantation owners blaming their victims for their own sexual abuse. Today, the remnants of both stereotypes make it hard for black women characters, and black actresses, to exist in a fully realized way.

Hardly ever have they been portrayed as human beings. The feeling of bias towards black women in television, especially when it comes to black women characters possibly being the love interest for white male characters, also has antebellum roots. Black women were also seen as threats, but the threat was based on a black woman gaining the same rights and status as a white woman. White women during this time benefited from this white supremacist view by being uplifted as genteel prizes.

White supremacy is a dirty word today, but white women characters and actresses, to a certain extent are still lifted above other characters and actresses for no reason other than race. Sharon, a guest post writer for Black Girl Nerds, summed it up succinctly:

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