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Malcolm Mayes, from Hartlepool, was found guilty of selling Kodi boxes that had been modified to allow users to freely view content that should be paid for. Getty Sales of Kodi boxes have skyrocketed in the UK in recent months, with large numbers of Brits using the devices to watch premium pay-TV channels, live sports and films without forking out for costly subscription packages. But with the news that people are being arrested – and now convicted – for selling “fully loaded” Kodi boxes, many people are asking whether they could get in trouble for owning one. It’s a thorny issue, as while Kodi boxes are not themselves illegal, they can enable users to illegally stream content to their TV. Kodi is a free media player that can run on any computer, smartphone, tablet or set-top box, allowing users to stream films and TV programmes over the internet. The software itself is not illegal, nor is it illegal to sell devices with Kodi pre-installed on them. However, many of these Kodi devices come pre-loaded with third party plug-ins and add-ons that allow users to stream pirated content to their TV. Who is the crackdown targeting?

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Meanwhile, computer chip maker Nvidia is trying to make its own splash with a Shield streaming player that it rolled out two years ago. The next generation of the Shield player comes equipped with Google’s digital assistant to find and navigate through video with voice commands while also providing on-screen answers to many questions. Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, can be used to control its streaming player while Amazon’s assistant, Alexa, works with Fire TV.

Although it is much smaller than its rivals, Roku is the leading seller of video streaming players in the US, with a 37 percent share of the market, according to the research firm Park Associates. Amazon has been gaining ground with a 24 percent share, up from 16 percent last year. The firm says is 50 per cent faster than the previous model and is Designed to be hidden behind the TV Apple’s share stands at 15 percent, which also trails Google’s Chromecast streaming device at 18 percent.

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Or do you seem to hear English everywhere you go? Here are the stats on how many other English speakers share your part of Italy. We took a look at the latest data available from national statistics office Istat to get a picture of Italy’s anglophone residents. A note on the numbers: They don’t include non-Italians who only spend part of the year in Italy, naturalized Italians, or dual citizens who’ve registered under their Italian passport.

And of course, there’s no way to count all the many people from non-English-speaking countries who use the language too. But with all those things in mind, here’s what we know about native English speakers living in Italy. Who are the English speakers in Italy? As of January 1st, , around 5.

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Every video comes to life with a league of integrated social features: And through it I have met such incredibly wonderful people online and IRL at meetups it never ceases to blow my mind. I could list many more favorites in various categories, but just check out who I Boodlums follow there. There are clear patterns in their bios, so it should not be hard to instantly and automatically identify a bot account and vanquish it, yet they proliferate.

Broadcast notifications randomly vanish from my Notification Center.

When Hulu came on the scene in , the streaming service seemed too good to be true. It was blissfully free and let viewers watch recently aired episodes of TV shows, encumbered only by a few.

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See more about Trophy Wife, Pinoy Movies Learn and talk about Unofficially Yours, films Learn and talk about Unofficially Yours , and check out Macky Galvez is a depressed young man contemplating why he had Comedy, Romance latest and full length movies watch online free. Movie trailers, now playing and top

After officially sharing the upcoming feature in May, code suggests Facebook employees are now testing the dating feature before it goes live. First and foremost, the dating app won’t have ads.

Randolph worked as marketing director for Hastings’ company, Pure Atria. They came up with the idea for Netflix while commuting between their homes in Santa Cruz and Pure Atria’s headquarters in Sunnyvale while waiting for government regulators to approve the merger, [22] although Hasting has given several different explanations for how the idea was created. They considered and rejected VHS tapes as too expensive to stock and too delicate to ship. When they heard about DVDs, which were available in only a few markets in , they tested the concept of selling or renting DVDs by mail, by mailing a compact disc to Hastings’ house in Santa Cruz.

Since that time, the company has built its reputation on the business model of flat-fee unlimited rentals without due dates, late fees, shipping and handling fees, or per-title rental fees. On June 14, , the company sold an additional , shares of common stock at the same price.

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Find more at NPR. This week marked one of the biggest dates on the American sports calendar: But there was a third player in the game, too — a musical one. The national anthem, once again, is the focus of attention. Since , the anthem has served as a platform for protest with some NFL players, and a symbol of division in the country. The controversy ramped up over Labor Day weekend with the revelation that Nike has hired original NFL protester Colin Kaepernick for a new campaign marking the 30th anniversary of the apparel company’s “Just Do It” slogan.

This week, we also broke the news of the Forza Horizon 2 Launch Bonus Car Pack, featuring eight new cars all available for free in Horizon 2. This pack features cars like the Land Rover Defender 90 and the Ford Focus RS, and more.

There are just so many ways things could go sideways as we reach the end of The Bachelor season 22, and TV fans might be about to see several of them. Kendall introduces Arie to her passion: A talk with her identical twin sister convinces Kendall to let her walls down and let Arie in for the first time. But will it be too little, too late?

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Her devoted family is extremely suspicious and distrustful of Arie and his motives. Can he change their minds and gain their trust? Her intimidating military father lays on the pressure and her mom, the real taskmaster, questions his future plans. Arie becomes overwhelmed with stress at the family dinner and must leave the table. Can he convince them that his intentions are sincere, or is this the end of the road for this couple? Arie returns to Los Angeles for his biggest rose ceremony yet, but he is more confused than ever.

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It all started in the 8th grade when Daniel and I started to talk and hang out. Quick side note about Daniel Brown – he was the stud of the middle school. We were in science class together and he still claims to this day he picked the spot behind me on purpose. That whole year we would talk back and forth during class and we even did all of our science labs together. He finally got my number and we began texting, soon becoming best friends.

At CuriosityStream, we will always be grateful that Stephen Hawking passionately wanted to share his enthusiasm for the wonders of the Universe with his fellow humans. free of charge until March 23, Read More. 5 Share. Behind-the-Scenes Look Inside the Pyramids we officially signed CuriosityStream on to fully commission the film

That’s right, it’s time for the world to start building a canon of the most significant websites of all time, and the Gizmodo staff has opinions. What does a spot on this list mean? It certainly doesn’t mean “best. We’re not even sure the internet was a good idea — we’ll need another few decades before we come to any conclusions. In this case, we set out to rank the websites — not apps like Instagram , not services like PayPal — that influenced the very nature of the internet, changed the world, stole ideas better than anyone, pioneered a genre, or were just really important to us.

Some of these sites seemed perfectly arbitrary a decade ago and turned into monstrous destinations or world-destroying monopolies. Other sites have been net positives for humanity and gave us a glimpse of what can happen when the world works together. In many ways this list is an evaluation of power and who has seized it. In other ways, it’s an appreciation of the places that still make the web worth surfing. Since then, Berners-Lee has had a few regrets about what’s become a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, and who knows what the future holds.

Below you’ll find our somewhat arbitrary idea of the virtual destinations that mattered most, ranked and curated by the Gizmodo staff and illustrated with screenshots that exemplify their history, as we’ve played, shared, fought, and meme’d our way into the current millennium. Blingee Blingee is a form of art.

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Google made the interesting decision to reveal the final name and consumer launch details of Android 8. Google has traditionally used sweet treats for the names of its major Android releases, dating back to Android 1. The foundational cookie sandwich pieces are likely the boot speed and memory improvements Google made by changing the way the operating system works at a basic level to boost Pixel smartphone start times by up to percent, and to improve the efficiency of use of system resources among apps and background tasks.

Hey kids this fiber and seldom kitty cat gave me your host hey everybody and welcome back to the exciting episode of kitty cat gaming a good news dream daddy is officially out this is a

John Travolta, Samuel L. And not just crime movies. Everything from Donnie Darko to Juno has borrowed from Pulp Fiction’s smart synthesis of pop culture detritus. What separates the originator from the pale imitations though, is the sense of real stakes. Ultimately, the movie isn’t punch-line after punch-line. You remember the humor, the talk of foot massages and brain matter, but it all serves a serious end. The final scene in Tarantino’s most celebrated work, where the hitman Jules Samuel L.

Jackson explains his philosophy on life resonates in a way that goes beyond references to ’70s cult TV. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Director:


Foxtel Now is essentially the same streaming service as Foxtel Play under a different name. However, Foxtel is using the re-branding opportunity to usher in a host of new features. More on this below. When is Foxtel Now available? Foxtel Now is available, well, now.

We TV is an American pay television television channel that is owned by AMC Networks. The network is oriented mainly towards lifestyle and entertainment programming, primarily targeting women. The network is oriented mainly towards lifestyle and entertainment programming, primarily targeting women.

Returning today Friday 9th November until Saturday 22nd December 23rd on the Albert Square site some new and exciting traders are making their market debut – alongside the family area at Cathedral Gardens which welcomes the Ice Village and free activities for the kids. Traders from across the North West and Europe are on hand to tantalise our taste-buds with bratwursts, cinnamon pretzels, barrels of gluwein and so much more as millions of visitors are expected to flock to Manchester for the festive attraction in the coming weeks and months.

Hundreds of market stalls are now spread across the city centre squares – each selling mouth-watering food and drink, and a huge selection of gift ideas to help tick off that Christmas shopping list. Celebrating 19 consecutive years in the city, a host of much-loved favourites have returned to the Christmas Markets this year — including the ground-breaking Yorkshire pudding burrito — joined by an exciting roster of new foodie delights and craft traders.

Albert Square The traditional hub of the Manchester Christmas Markets will see an impressive injection of gastronomic re-invention, from the brand new Amsterdam Frites stall, boasting 30 different toppings and sauces over their triple cooked fries, to Zouk – a traditional curry house with two new curries every day, along with a range of veggie and vegan options. The sweet toothed visitor will be spoilt for choice with first time trader Zara Cakes putting cupcakes to the top of the menu, and a desert stall of pure imagination as Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory load topping after topping onto fresh, warm brownies.

Last year, Manchester was the most Instagrammed Christmas Market in Europe and this is your chance to be part of the celebration.

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